General Information

From November 27th (Giving Tuesday) to December 14th (Food Bank Friday) Startups Care is going to be running a food drive and fundraiser in support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Participating companies will raise food and/or funds in their offices during this period. Startups Care is able to pickup food donations for those organizations that require it.

What should we donate?

The most efficient way to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank is by donating money. Because of their purchase agreements with local farmers the food bank is able to purchase $3 of healthy nutritious food for every $1 donated. 100% of the donations made through the Startups Care portal go directly to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and tax receipts are issued for all donations $20 and over.

Once the event starts every company or organization will have their own donation portal page where they can raise funds collectively. You will be able to find your company’s donation portal in a directory linked off of the main donation portal here:

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 6.26.05 AM.png

We are collecting food in our office. What do we need to know?

The basic idea is that you put a food collection box out in your office and encourage people to bring in non-perishable food items. People are encouraged to donate food from this list.

Some printable materials that can be used in your office to support your food collection station can be found here.

On December 14th all food donations from across all participating companies are rounded up and delivered to the food bank where they are weighed together. Startups Care - with the help of natural Source Healthy Office Snacks - is able to pick up all of the donations on December 14th but if you are able to drop off the donations yourself it is a huge help (maybe even grab your neighbours donations on your way down).

For the 2018 initiative you will need to find your own boxes to collect food. In the past we have had the resources to drop boxes off ahead of time but it is not going to work this year. If you are unable to find boxes you can acquire some branded boxes from the Greater Vancouver Food Bank via their self serve pod. The self serve pod is located the Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s head office and you can get as many boxes as you need from there.

If you are collecting food in your office and require someone to pick up your donations please fill out the fill out the following form.


What else can we do?

Beyond being AWESOME and raising food and/or funds in your office you can help support this venture in the following ways.

  • Ask your team to take awesome pictures and share them on social media. Please use #StartupsCare and tag us on Twitter & Facebook - we want to engage and celebrate our amazing work together!

  • If you have some fun content you would like us to share we would love to see it. Do you want people to meet your team or learn about some exciting news? Maybe you are hiring or even better - opening your doors for the Christmas Party (hey, why not?!) Please send us a short write-up and some media assets and we promise to share it - we want people on the streets to recognize their Heroes. You can send us your request (and media) by filling out this form.

  • Encourage your colleagues to actively participate and see if you can get your boss to match donations :)

Media & Press

Please feel free to use the Startups Care logo as a co-brand via your social media, etc but please do not speak on behalf of Startups Care. We absolutely want you to promote your involvement in this initiative and the work your company is doing in your community but the integrity of this event is important to it's ongoing success… basically if it feels sleazy don't do it, and if you are unsure please just contact us.

Something that passes for a press kit can be downloaded here. If you need additional information or additional resources, like a person to speak or give an interview, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please Don't

Clean out your cupboards and donate expired, open or non-nutritious food (candy, pop, alcohol, etc). The Greater Vancouver Food Bank has a mandate to support health through nutrition and will not distribute these items. Also, the sorting, separating and disposal of these items use up valuable resources.

Anything else?

If you are looking for some information that is not here or have an idea about how we can improve communication please contact us.