It Takes A Village!

Startups Care only happens because of the amazing community that supports it. Every year a conglomerate of Vancouver technologists and technology companies come together to to make the magic happen.

Having said that, year-on-year certain people keep showing up to make things work behind the scenes and have been instrumental in the growth of this initiative. We added this page to recognize their contributions.


Christopher Luft

Christopher Luft is a creative technologist and co-founder of He founded Startups Care in 2014 in a fit of gratitude after the birth of his daughter.


Vivian Chan

According to this photo that wasn’t chosen by her, Vivian is a unicorn. Vivian works closely with startups and support organizations in the Canadian tech ecosystem.

In her spare time (what’s that?), Vivian is passionate about giving back to her community and can often be found volunteering. She has been involved with Vancouver Startup Week since it’s inception and currently serves as the Co-Chair. She is also Co-Chair of YES! Vancouver, a local philanthropic group that fundraises for Dress For Success Vancouver and of course has a special place in her heart for Startups Care!


Ross Haleliuk

Ross is a project leader with 7+ years of experience. He is driven by technological curiosity, strong passion for WOWing customers, building high-performing teams, helping organizations realize new opportunities, and a desire to make an impact.  

Ross’ mission in life is to be known as a man who helped others succeed. When he is not busy moving Trello cards, Ross organizes events, mentors aspiring entrepreneurs at local hackathons, and contributes to numerous non-profit boards and organizations across Canada.


Laura Norbury

Laura has spent the last 4+ years as a General Manager and entrepreneur at Natural Source Healthy Office Snacks. She spends her days wearing many hats, but most importantly building relationships with her clients and amazing NS team.

Laura has been volunteering since she was a small child, giving back has always been a cornerstone of a fulfilling life. Since moving to Vancouver many years ago, the importance of food security has become her focus, and thus she devotes her time to organizations like Startups Care and Potluck Cafe Society.


Stanley Kwok

Stanley Kwok is a many of many talents but excels as a full-stack developer. He has given back through his previous work with the Mifos Initiative, and now as supporter of Startups Care.

Stanley believes it is a blessing to work on something he is passionate about; therefore, he wants use his time and energy to be a blessing to others.


Kasey Bayne

Kasey is an experienced marketing leader and CMO at Redstamp Agency. She loves helping companies grow, solving problems, and combining creativity and data to make magic happen!

Passionate about Startups Care and the Vancouver startup community, this is something that's she's proud to continue to be a part of. Kasey also mentors at BC Tech, and is a proud supporter of the Canadian tech community. 


Bradely Shende

Dad, storyteller, problem finder and solver, and random clicker and zoomer of all things tech, who still thinks everyone prefers a hug.

You can learn more about Bradley on his website, or check out his latest project: 


Amer Alkhatib

The following is a list of things that Amer is passionate about (in alphabetical order): design, food, helping others, organization, and problem solving. Naturally, StartupsCare was a fit.

When he is not design director-ing at BeTheChangeGroup, he is UX Design Instructor-ing at RED Academy. With the little time left over outside the two positions, he likes to look at, think about, and (maybe even) make art.